Bryn Reynolds

Artist Statement & Bio

Bryn Reynolds, DarkMountainArts Artist & Owner

Bryn Reynolds is a retired Police SWAT Captain. He also had a 25 yr. concurrent career in the US Army as a Cavalry Scout, having served several combat deployments to Iraq & Afghanistan.

He is an avid outdoorsman and mountaineer, and his artwork "draws" heavily from his extensive travels to remote and mountainous regions of the globe.

He and his Artworks have been featured on ABC News, The Today Show, and various other Print and TV media outlets.

He is now armed with artist's pens, and his unique perspectives of the natural world have transformed from being viewed through night vision to being captured captured on sketch paper.

Displaying Dark Mountain Arts Pen & Ink Artworks original wall art will convey to all YOUR love of outdoor adventure and fuel your sense of wanderlust!

My Inspiration

My Original Art is inspired by my love of the outdoors, to include the mountains & the night sky,

My Artworks are greatly influenced by my love of the natural world and my never ending sense of wanderlust & adventure.  My sincere desire is to further kindle those memories within you evertime you view one of my Artworks on your wall! 

My Medium

Pen & Ink

My drawings incorporate archival-quality Sigura Micron artist's pens and quality charcoal drawing implements. These artworks are drawn on Bristol Artist Paper.

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